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Laboratory of New Technologies

Technologies for Advanced Electromobilty

The proficiency of TEMA (Technologies for advanced electromobilty) concerns the power electronics applied to transport systems with a technologic approach of components (semi-conductors, ultra-capacitors,  fuelcells,…).

The research team orients itself towards the sustainable development of public transport systems, precisely on the strategic axis of Ifsttar, ‘ Mobility, energy and environment’.

The objectives of research are based on the aspects of Durability and Quality of transport systems for which a considerable number of barriers are to be removed in order to promote the utilization of electrical energy in transport systems. The global approach is to contribute to the knowledge of the behaviour of new components subjected to their usage conditions, to study their integration in the transport modes and to promote the development of electric and hybrid transport systems. The work is organized in three research themes each pointing a scientific barrier to the future transport systems.


The scientific disciplines

Electronics, Electrotechnics, Power Electronics .