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Converters integrated with power semi-conductor

The power converters are the devices which enable to transform electrical energy in order to command the electrical machines. These devices are based on the structures integrated to IGBT (Insulated Gated Bipolar Transistors), an example is presented below is an opened casing of a three phase inverter unit 200A-600V. An assembly diagram of power and packaging is also shown.

IGBT integrated converter module                      

( open case  200A-600V)

 For traction applications, the current magnitudes might vary from 200A to 1200A in parallel with the chips activated by IGBT and maintaining the pressures from 600V to 6500V. As we could observe, the medium range and full powers, calls for placing simultaneous, numerous chips in the same casing with the help of binding wires. Generally, the chips are brazed over a DCB (Direct copper Bonding), made up of  ceramic insulation (AlN or Al203) over which the fine layers of copper are hooked from one side to other. This substrate itself is brazed over a sole, which is generally of copper or rarely of AlSiC.  This set together is covered by a silicone gel for its protection. This helps to avoid oxidation by limiting the oxygen diffusion and other elements towards the structure and moreover to bring a supplementary passivation to pressure holds.

Assembly diagrams ofelectronic power module